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Imagine that you're relaxing in a hot tub, the water swirling around you and your muscle tension is melting away... And all of the while, you're losing weight!

Omni-Calm, a weight loss day spa for men and woman located in  the beautiful surrounding Colorado, mountains understands weight loss is difficult and stressful. The Omni-Calm treatment, however, is not a fitness program and no diet is required. Rather, we are an alternative to diet supplements and expensive weight management plans.

Healthy eating and exercise is important but hard to maintain, especially if past weight loss failure lingers in the mind. No diet will benefit if the mind and body is not relaxed. To help achieve total relaxation, our destination day spa uses a hydrotherapy method and a blend of special herbs to break up and release unwanted fat, helping you lose inches and drop in dress or pant sizes easier. Come experience our hydrotherapy bath treatment. Relax while cycling air and water jets massage your skin, open your pores for absorption of healing herbs, and break down fat. The result of the hydrotherapy method comes as fat is released and redistributed with water, heat, pressure and herbs. It is quite unique,amazing and effective.

We offer both short and long term programs for your weight loss needs. The short term program is designed for quick weight loss. Using the short term program, you lose inches for upcoming special events, getting married, reunions, after holiday meals, or for any occasion you want to look and feel your best for. The long term program doesn't take a large time investment. Its purpose is to help you keep the weight off over an extended period.

Contact us for a consultation. During the consultation, we will share our experience and specially developed software to pinpoint your weight loss needs and problem areas. After your consultation we use the data obtained to customize your treatments, matching them with your personal weight loss profile.

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