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EuroSlim & Aesthetics
Address: 7330 W. 88th Ave Unit G, Arvada, Colorado, 80021  
Phone: 303-997-6601  

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Welcome to European Slimming. We are the specialists in modern slimming techniques.

European Slimming is the system of innovative sophisticated computerised VIP slimming treatments used in the UK for 12 years. These treatments provide solutions for common aesthetic problems such as extra kilos, firming and toning of targeted body areas, cellulite and weight reduction, tightening of sagging skin and double chin. These treatment procedures are extremely effective in reducing body mass, improving circulation, increasing energy levels and increasing overall metabolic action. These advance treatment technologies are available for men and women with immediate visible, long-lasting results. The procedures are non-surgical and non-invasive. They leave no scars and require no downtime. Angel now brings these technologies to Denver Colorado.

Bioskin-Las Resurfacing Technology is another ground breaking advanced aesthetic procedure for skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing, sunburn, acne and blemish removal, smoothing laughter and frown lines, pigmentation, skin polishing and brightening.

European Slimming also offers other modern skincare treatments for facials, skin lightening without the use of harsh chemicals and electronic face lifts.

We have several other activities for body cleansing, health improvement and relaxation treatments available, and we provide a caring and therapeutic atmosphere of harmony, peace, tranquillity and comfort during all our specially designed, unique and exclusive treatments.

Treatments are carried out in the privacy of our spacious waterfall treatment rooms with friendly expert staff.

Our motto is Look and Feel Different When You Leave.

Please feel free to come in at any time to look around or have a chat with us about any of our treatments or your slimming, health and beauty concerns. Remember, all consultations are confidential and free. 

Happy Opening Hours: Mon. 10 - 6, Tue - Fri 10-8, Sat. 10 - 4, Sun. Closed

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