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Big Blacks Training
Address: PO Box 260431, Lakewood, Colorado, 80226  
Phone: 720-339-5707  

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Big Blacks Training Camp is a non-profit organization that focuses on the fundamentals of football as well as academics. Big Blackhelps youths of all ages, boys and girls. The main goal is to help kidskeep their heads in something constructive rather than find themselvesgetting into trouble. Big Blacks Training is funphysical education that the kids can use on and off the field; teachingthem discipline, respect, and how to work as a team. Through football, Big Blackteaches powerful life lessons that will provide the players withimportant life skills that they can use throughout their lives.“Playing football is hard. Going to school is hard. But life is muchharder.” Big Black would like to see all the kids andfamilies take advantage of the opportunities that are given to themeach day, and help them understand that all the hard work will onlymake them better prepared for success on the field and in theclassroom. Most importantly, that hard work will help them be moresuccessful in life. In this football camp Big Black uses behavioral specification and positive reinforcement for desired play execution!

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