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Our Parent company SPADS LLC. has decided Due to the current economy to reduce our rates by two thirds, by allowing Our & Future clients to sign up and pay online, thus saving us and you time and money!

Unlimited coupons 6 months @ 15.00 per month = $90.00

Unlimited coupons 12 months @ 10.00 per month = $120.00

Please contact us for a Custom Advertising Plan designed to fit your needs and budget, a representative in your area will be happy to assist you!

To contact us, Click Here or Call: 303 921-7789.


Create & post printable coupons fast using our built in User Coupon Creator ©.

Fill out 1 simple form and your coupons are instantly created and displayed in front of a targeted local audience. Your coupons can contain an image, a bar code and a live link to your website if you have one.

Any coupon ad that you post in the Denver Coupon Guide can be re-written, adjusted or deleted in a matter of seconds at any time at no extra cost.

You can track the results of each coupon that you create (times viewed/printed) and quickly adjust your offers by keeping the ones that bring in new customers and deleting the ones that don't.

You have total access and control of your coupon advertising campaign through a web based user panel.

Create daily specials, multiple coupons for every day of the week, One Day Only Sales, Clearance Items, Weekly Sales, Bargain of the day, announce upcoming or current sales... the possibilities are endless.

What Sets Our Service Apart:

(1) Advertisers have 24/7 access and total control of their coupon advertising campaign through a simple 1 page web based user panel. User Coupon Creator ©

(2) All advertiser accounts come with a Company Information Page. Your information page contains a description of your business, a link to your flier/menu that you can upload, a link to your coupons, a live email link and a direct link to a Google map for directions to your business.

(3) Coupons that you post can contain an image, bar code and a live link to your website if you have one.

(4) You can track the "live" results of your coupons and you can change them on the fly. Changes that you make are updated instantly ...and are free!

(5) We provide targeted local traffic and a large opt in mailing list of visitors who are anxiously waiting to be notified of new coupons that become available.

(6) We advertise locally in PPC search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. We attract 100's of new visitors every day! For more information on how we market this site in your city please call or send us an email.

(7) Coupons and fliers that are posted in the Denver Coupon Guide are available and can be viewed 24/7. They are always in front of consumers who can print and use them at their convenience.

(8) Advertising in the Denver Coupon Guide is friendlier on the environment.
100% of traditional (paper) advertising eventually ends up being composted or in landfills. Advertising online greatly reduces the amount of waste paper and it also saves trees!

(9) Price. Compare all the benefits of our service and our prices to any other form of advertising and it will be clear to see that we are the best bargain in local advertising bar none!

Rates may vary depending on additional Web or Image Services you may require. Please contact us for additional information and Annual Rate Discounts. To contact us, Click Here.